Welcome to Christ Church!

Welcome! We are so glad that you are looking at Christ Church as a possible spiritual community to join! We recognize how overwhelming it can be to navigate through a website looking for information that will help you with your discernment process, so we have created this “Newcomers” page.

Here you will find some basic information about what we believe, about our ministries and spiritual offerings, and maybe answer some common “Church” questions. Throughout the page, you may find links that will take you to other pages within the site where you can get more detailed information.

We would love to contact you and personally answer any questions you may have! Help us by clicking on this link and completing our Information Card. A representative from our Welcome Ministry will be in touch with you.

 What we believe

Our faith centers on the saving death and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. The authority for out belief is the Bible, which records the redeeming acts of God in history. The Old Testament looks forward to the coming of Jesus, the messiah, The New Testament recounts His life, death and resurrection and promises His return to establish His perfect kingdom. Our Church teaches that Holy Scripture contains all things necessary to salvation. Therefore, we teach as essential to salvation nothing that is not clearly set forth in the Bible.

The Good News of the Christian faith is that even though all have sinned and fallen short of what God asks of us. Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross makes our forgiveness possible. We who are separated from God can know Him personally as we accept His free, undeserved offer of forgiveness and new birth. It is not possible for us ever to be “good enough” to earn our own salvation, but we rejoice that we receive assurance of eternal life in Christ when we put our trust in Him.

The Holy Spirit, given to all who confess that Jesus is Lord, seeks to change us and develop in us Christ-like characteristics of love, joy, peace, patience, etc. The Holy Spirit also gives us gifts for ministry, specific abilities that enable us to do the work God has called us to do. Our Rector (our word for the senior Pastor) teaches that the ministries of the Holy Spirit seen in the New Testament Church are good gifts that God still gives to Christians today.

Christ Church is part of the Episcopal Church in the United States and the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our faith, rooted in Scripture, can be summarized in the ancient Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. These beliefs find expression in the Episcopal Church in congregations with widely differing styles and emphases. As a result, people from many church backgrounds have found the Episcopal church to be a welcoming and supportive Christian community. We have never claimed to be the only true Church, and we openly affirm the vital Christian expression in other traditions.

Because we are called to grow in our knowledge and love of God, we place a high priority on Christian education for all ages. We expect that all those who are part of the Christ Church family will nurture their own spiritual growth by participating in the education offerings of the congregation and that parents will ensure that their children are able to join the classes and programs that will help them come to know God for themselves.

We believe it is the job of the clergy and of the church as a whole to train and encourage all members of the church in their own ministries (Saints is the New Testament word for all Christians). It is not the job of laity to support the clergy who do the “real” ministry. Every Christian is a minister who has a unique calling to serve God in the world and in the church.

Ministries and Education

Please click on any of the following links to learn more about our ministries and educational offerings:

Common church questions

People sometimes have questions about church. Here are some of our answers.

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What About My Children?

Children are always welcome at worship. We also provide Nursery care year round for infants through pre-school. During the school year, Sunday School for children age pre-school through Grade 6 is offered during our Christian Education time from 9:09-10:00 am (prior to the 10:17 am worship) on Sundays.

May I Receive Communion?

All baptized Christians may receive Communion at Christ Church.

How Should I Dress?

People who attend Christ Church vary in their attire from those who tend to be casual to others who are a bit more formal. God loves them equally! Dress however you feel comfortable.

How Will I Get To Know People?

Coffee hour (immediately following both worship services) is a great way to mingle. Small groups offer a way to create meaningful bonds with other Christians. Getting involved in ministry is also a wonderful way to both serve the Lord and His church and get to know others.

How Can I Get Myself or My Child Baptized?

Please contact the church office at 978-342-0007 if you or someone in your family desires to be baptized and we will happily give you more information.

Where Should I Enter?

Our church building takes up a whole city block and has many doors which often makes it confusing to visitors. If visiting us for worship on a Sunday,, please enter through one of the red doors on Main Street. If you would like to stop by our office during the week, please enter through the brown wooden doors on Hartwell Street.

Is Christ Church Accessible?

A person with a disability that needs ramp access will find they are able to join worship by entering through the ramp door on Main Street and most of the general use rooms of the church are also accessible by wheelchair. The priest will bring Communion to anyone in the pews who is not able to come to the altar to receive Communion.

We also have available assistive hearing devices for anyone with hearing loss which can be obtained from an usher.